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How soon before my appointment should I arrive?

We ask our new patients to arrive at the office at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out the necessary paperwork. And don’t forget to bring your DENTAL INSURANCE CARD with you!

Do you work with children?

We love your kids! If they’re at least 3 yrs. old then we’ll be happy to put them on the right road to oral health!

What if I’m new? Do you need my past dental records?

We really don’t require past dental records. Sure, you can bring your records if you have them, but we’ll usually start anew with a thorough examination of your teeth which may include x-rays.

Will my dental procedure hurt?

Certain procedures are more extensive than others, but we do everything we can to minimize patient discomfort. We offer sedation dentistry services, including IV dental sedation, to make those dental visits much more manageable. If you have dental anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist, talk to Dr. McCormack about sedation dentistry options.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

Other than telling all your friends that you’re going to visit the best dental professionals on the planet, there’s really nothing you need to do to prepare. We’ll await your arrival with baited breath!

What if an emergency occurs outside of office hours?

We hope you never need this, but if an emergency arises, you can contact our OFF-HOURS EMERGENCY DENTAL CARE LINE at (440) 822-5625.

Will I be charged if I miss my appointment?

Miss one appointment, shame on you. Miss lots of appointments, shame on us! Simply put, we’ll let the first one slide ’cause we’re the forgiving type. But let’s hope it doesn’t happen again!

How often should I see my general dentist?

Regular cleanings and checkups are critical to maintaining optimal oral health. We encourage patients to see us at least once every six months so that we can:

• Clean and polish the teeth
• Perform a comprehensive exam to detect any oral health issues early
• Update or provide you with a treatment plan
• Monitor your gums for signs of an infection
• Perform an oral cancer screening (annually)

Will this hurt?

Thanks to technology (and some really gentle dental professionals), the amount of discomfort you’ll experience in your appointment has been largely minimized over the years. Of course, if you naturally suffer from odontophobia (or fear of dentists), there’s not a lot we can do other than provide a clean, relaxed environment staffed with really friendly people.

Can I request a particular dentist?

Hey, we’re humble! If you’d prefer to have a specific professional work on you, just ask! We’d be happy to assist.

I’m not feeling well today. Should I still keep my appointment?

OK, we’ll leave this one up to you. If you still feel up to going out, then by all means, c’mon by. All we ask is that you don’t show up with some sort of contagious thing that will spread throughout the office, down the hall and throughout the city. That would be a really bad thing. (And you don’t want to have the city mad at you.)

What should I do in a dental emergency?

We can take care of most dental emergencies at our practice. Please call us immediately if you are experiencing tooth pain, bleeding gums or if a tooth gets knocked out of its socket. We do everything we can to accommodate emergency cases.

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